SEPT 15, 2018. 7pm -10pm.


180 Remsen St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Welcome back meeting will have networking, updates, orientation for new members & experts speakers to answer your questions on all things adoption.

  7:30pm: Kathy Brodsky, LCSW, TheAdoptionMaven. Kathy will discuss the homestudy.

8:30pm: Faith Getz Rousso, Adoption Attorney

Faith was recently featured on Good Morning America. She will speak about Social Media and Adoption.



NOVEMBER 18, 2018

St. Francis College, Brooklyn, NY


I am honored to be presenting numerous workshops at the 38th Annual Conference on November 18, 2018 at St. Francis College, Brooklyn, NY.  Please attend this conference to gain a better awareness and understanding of adoption and parenting issues.


Good Morning America, July 6 2018

I discussed utilizing social media to connect with an expectant parent in private adoption. This includes Facebook Promotions, Instagram, Twitter, Google Ad Words.

At the time the triplets were placed for adoption by Lousie Wise Agency (1960), the emphasis was on protecting the adoptive family,” she says. “They were always afraid the birth mother would come back and take the baby.” As a result, adoptive parents and children alike were often told nothing about genetic conditions, histories of mental illness and other important factors.

“It never occurred to them that it would be in the best interest of the child to know something about their past,” Rousso says.

As an adult adoptee from Lousie Wise Agency, and a practicing adoption attorney, it is my belief that adoptees benefit from growing up with (at very least) information about their biological family. Today, the majority of adoptions are open and birth families and adoptive families maintain a relationship.

Why Adoptive Parents Need To Know And Respect Their Child’s Birthmother

America Adopts! June, 2018

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