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Adult Adoptee Access to Adoption and Birth Records: History, Controversy, Legislation, and Societal Change

 November 2021

This bill ended the treatment of adoptees as second-class citizens whose story starts in the second chapter. An adoptee can start at the beginning without wondering what happened in the first few pages that set the scene for the rest of the story.


Looking To Adopt A Child? Start Building Your Team Now

November 2020

As the potential adoptive parent, you are the star player. But as any athlete knows, it takes a team. You cannot do this alone. The combination of all the players on the field will bring you success …  there are no superstars.

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Adopting During COVID-19: An Interview with Adoption Attorney Faith Getz Rousso

 Look in the mirror. Can you imagine your future without being a “mommy” or “daddy”? If not, then don't stop your search.past,” Rousso says.


Opening Adoption Records Allows Adoptees To Know Who They Are

November 2019

I am happy adoptees will be entitled their original birth certificate as of January 15, 2020; and that, as an adoption professional, I am not required to be part of the process to seal original birth certificates in adoption proceedings.

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And social media makes 3: New generation of parents adopt using Facebook, Instagram

Updated January 10, 2019

"Adoption attorneys guide families through the process, protecting them from scams by helping them identify red flags, and ensuring that all adoption laws are followed," said Getz Rousso, herself an adoptee. 

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Family uses Instagram to adopt child

July 6, 2018

I discussed utilizing social media to connect with an expectant parent in private adoption. This includes Facebook Promotions, Instagram, Twitter, Google Ad Words.

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Three Identical Strangers' chronicles eye-popping tale of LI triplets separated at birth

June 20, 2018

In the early 1960s, splitting up siblings and hiding their biological information wasn’t necessarily considered unethical, according to Faith Getz Rousso, an adoption attorney in Garden City. Rousso, herself a product of the Louise Wise system, has followed the triplets’ story with interest over the years. “At the time, the emphasis was on protecting the adoptive family,” she says. “They were always afraid the birth mother would come back and take the baby.” As a result, adoptive parents and children alike were often told nothing about genetic conditions, histories of mental illness and other important factors.

“It never occurred to them that it would be in the best interest of the child to know something about their past,” Rousso says.


Why Adoptive Parents Need To Know And Respect Their Child’s Birthmother America Adopts!

June, 2018

This guest post is by Faith Getz Rousso, an adoptee and adoption attorney.
In full transparency, I wear a lot of hats. I am a mom to two biological sons and an adoption attorney who has been involved in hundreds of open adoptions.
I was also adopted into a loving family that never expected me to know my biological family.


Why More Single Women Are Adopting Children Than Ever Before

March 2015

Rousso, herself an adoptee, frequently works with single women on their journey to find a child, and has spoken at the annual APC Adoption Conference in Brooklyn, NY, on the topic of adopting as a single parent.

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