Foster Parent Adoption

There are many children of all ages waiting to be adopted in New York State. If you are considering adopting a child from the New York State foster care system, The Law Office of Faith Getz Rousso, P.C. can guide you through this process from application to finalization.
Adopting a child that was placed in foster care will provide you with all of the same rights and responsibilities for the child that a biological parent would have. 

When do I retain an attorney in foster care adoption? 
In the State of New York, you have may have an attorney accompany you to Court after the child is in your home for one (1) year. Your attorney can assist in creating a plan for contact after the adoption is finalized. Once the biologial parent's rights are terminated, foster parents should have representation to prepare and file the Petition for adoption and supporting documents. Your attorney will appear in Court at the finalization of your adoption. The Department of Social Services may give a subsidy for your adoption attorney.     



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