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Open Adoption vs. Closed Adoption

The Law Office of Faith Getz Rousso, P.C. handles both open and closed adoptions. Each adoption situation is unique, and together we will create a post adoption contact agreement ("PACA") that everyone is comfortable with. 


An open adoption is when the adoptive parent(s) and the biological parent(s) have contact after the adoption is finalized the adoption.     It is common for the families to agree before the birth of the child to a mutually acceptable level of contact. Photos and updates may be posted to a website or exchanged through the mail/email  and there may be an agreement for visitation after the adoption. States differ has to their laws regarding enforcing Post Adoption Contact Agreements (PACA).


In a closed adoption, there is no contact between the adoptive family and the biological parent(s) after the finalization of adoption.

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