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A Few Kind Words From My Clients

Faith Getz Rousso New York Adoption Attorney - Lilou


"We had a difficult and complicated case and Faith was available to us anytime we needed her. She answered all calls and emails immediately and went above and beyond what our agreement stipulated for us many times. She was warm and caring towards all of our concerns and needs."

Stacey M.

Faith Getz Rousso New York Adoption Attorney - Sean, Leigh Anne and Emerson

Sean, Leigh Anne and Emerson

"We are so grateful to Faith for her expertise, dedication and guidance during our adoption journey. She walked us through every aspect with professionalism and a true heart for ethical adoption. And as we start this process again, we know that Faith is the best choice for our family. We highly recommend her to anyone hoping to grow their family through adoption."

Sean, Leigh Anne and Emerson

Faith Getz Rousso New York Adoption Attorney - Greg, Maria and Harley

Greg, Maria and Harley Metzger

"She was always there for us whenever we had a question and held our hands throughout the process. She remained professional, empathetic and compassionate during our journey. She understands what works and keeps up with new/popular modes and media for client advertising."

Greg, Maria and Harley Metzger

Faith Getz Rousso New York Adoption Attorney - Liberta Family

The Liberta Family

"We are so blessed to have found Faith Rousso who jumped on board to our unique situation, helping us every step of the way when we only had a couple of months before his birth. Now a toddler, Evan is a breath of fresh air, filling our lives with joy and suprising us each day with how much of an amazing boy he is. Thank you for making our dreams a reality. We couldn't have done it without your office!"

The Liberta Family

Faith Getz Rousso New York Adoption Attorney - Anaya


"As an adoptee herself, she is very passionate about what she does. I loved that she had a no nonsense New York attitude and would be very honest with my husband and I and she is an expert in her field. In addition, it is unique that her office helped us with advertising ourselves on social media."


Faith Getz Rousso New York Adoption Attorney - Charlotte


"We are so grateful to Faith for helping us finalize our adoption. We couldn't be happier. Faith was a great source of information + support throughout the process."

Mary Beth

Faith Getz Rousso New York Adoption Attorney - Adalynn


"What to say about the process of adoption? In all honesty, we didn't think we could adopt we thought it was too expensive. When we got the opportunity to adopt, we were introduced to Faith. She made this process step-by-step easy. We cannot express how to say "thank you" for all the help Faith did to complete our family with this beautiful girl.


Faith Getz Rousso New York Adoption Attorney - Xavier


"From all the regular lawyering things to dropping everything to meet us in the magic hour without a pause...We love you and we are so grateful for you!"

Stacey & Dave

Faith Getz Rousso New York Adoption Attorney - Gracie



"Gracie is a very funny and sweet little girl. We could not ask for anything more she is our perfect little angel. Thanks Faith for making our dreams come true!"

Becky & Jim

Faith Getz Rousso New York Adoption Attorney - Connor


"From frantic late-night phone calls and panicked questions to just checking in on us to see how we were, Faith was there for us every step of the way."

Doug & Mia

Faith Getz Rousso New York Adoption Attorney - Dane


"Faith - there is not enough thank you’s and hugs for how grateful we are that you came into our lives. You are the best at your job, but more than that you are truly an amazing beautiful person. Mike and I are so happy now your part of our family..... Faith, we love you!"

Bobby & Mike

Faith Getz Rousso New York Adoption Attorney - Lucas


"What I received from Faith was information, support, encouragement, direction, and someone to listen when it was needed! "


Faith Getz Rousso New York Adoption Attorney - Cece


"Thank you for everything  ... I just really wanted to make sure I let you know how much we appreciate all you have done for us, we felt so taken care of having you on our side during this adoption process and we feel so lucky to have connected with you as our lawyer... You will definitely be hearing from us when we are ready to jump back into it for baby #2 !! "

Toniann & Mike

Emily & Donna

The second parent adoption of our son was by far the easiest part of bringing our new baby home. Faith made it as simple as possible and finalized the adoption even sooner than we had hoped. We feel safe and secure knowing our same sex couple headed family is protected. We will be back as our family expands!


Faith was hired for my both my children's birth parents. She is very profession and well educated in the area of adoptions. She knows the law well, is compassionate, caring, and highly recommended.


You are not only extremely knowledgeable, but compassionate as well. You have a caring nature that is rare in today's society and I appreciate that. In such a stressful journey, I could not be more thankful that I was referred to you and can not thank you enough for the work you do.


At each stage in the process knowing I had the absolute BEST adoption team with Faith at the forefront helped provide support during the times of uncertainty.  Faith also hosted monthly meetings for all of her clients who can join along with other families who have recently adopted.  I found these zoom calls so helpful in building support and connection with other people on the same journey. I loved that the clients were all diverse with all types of families and single people adopting like myself.

Candace & James

Even though it was a very emotional and stressful time, you were always there for us.. From helping us with the media plan, explaining the whole adoption process, making us feel comfortable, speaking with the birth moms and dealing with the legal aspect of adopting.

Cat Greenleaf

As an adult adoptee, Faith understands the nuances of family law in a  personal way, which results in thorough management of her cases. We were supported by Faith legally, emotionally, and with great attention.


She brings a level of warmth and humanity that's too often lacking in this type of practice, even though it should be an important part of it.  Faith understands the unique emotional needs of adoptive parents at every state in the process and is both comforting and extremely knowledgeable.


There are not enough kind words that I can use to express my love, respect, and admiration for you did for me and my family and surely what you have done for all of your clients. Bringing joy to all the families that you have cared for must be very rewarding to you. I thank you very much and will always think of you fondly until I take my last breath. 

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