Why Adopt?

Each and every person who wants to be a parent should have the opportunity to do so.  If your dream is to be a mom or dad, and you have lots of love to share, then I promise to do everything I can do to make your dream come true.  


The goal of The Law Office of Faith Getz Rousso, P.C. is to hold our client's hands and guide them through the process until there is a child in their arms.

The Law Office of Faith Getz Rousso, P.C. Represents:
  • Adoptive Parents

    The Law Office of Faith Getz Rousso, P.C. represents adoptive parents seeking to adopt a child domestically utilizing an independent or private process of adoption.

  • Step Parents

    The Law Office of Faith Getz Rousso, P.C. assists step-parents adopt their step-children to legalize the loving relationship they share with their spouse's child.

  • Same Sex Couples

    The Law Office of Faith Getz Rousso, P.C. represents same sex couples on their journey to become parents through adoption. Similar to step-parent adoptions, a spouse may formalize the relationship with their spouse or partner's biological child with a 2nd Parent Adoption.

  • Foster Parents

    There are many children of all ages waiting to be adopted in New York State. Foster parents may adopt the child who has been in their care after the parent's rights have been terminated by the Courts. The Law Office of Faith Getz Rousso, P.C. represents foster parents in permanency hearings, court conferences and in adoption hearings. Foster parents may be represented after a child has been in your care for one (1) year. 

    Agencies provide a subsidy for your adoption attorney's legal fee.

  • Single Parents

    The Law Office of Faith Getz Rousso, P.C. assists single people thorough their journey to adopt. Adopting a child as a single parent can be challenging. Faith Getz Rousso will guide you through the process, and respect your decision to become a parent without a partner. We recognize your strength and desire to become a parent regardless of your relationship status.

  • Expectant Mothers

    If you are pregnant and not sure if you are ready to be a parent and would like to place your baby with a loving family, please do not hesitate to reach out to The Law Office of Faith Getz Rousso, P.C.  Faith Getz Rousso will assist in making this difficult decision. Although, The Law Office of Faith Getz Rousso is not permitted under New York to find you a family to adopt your baby ...  but we can make the process easier by discussing your options and guide you and provide the resources for you to select the perfect family for your baby.  We will ensure that your rights are protected,  you receive the support that you need, and that you maintain contact with the adoptive family if that is what you desire.




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