The Law Office of Faith Getz Rousso, P.C. represents prospective adoptive parents who are pursuing private and agency assisted adoption.

 Agencies may filter prospective families by their age, marital status, sexual preference, religion or race.  Agencies may advertise on behalf of their agency and assist in introducing the biological and adoptive families.

Private adoption does not restrict who may adopt, as long as, the individual(s) are certified by the Court.  Prospective adoptive families are responsible for their own media placement and outreach in efforts to connect with a biological family.  Private adoption gives you an opportunity to be part of the process...each step of the way. 

​Contact: The Law Office of Faith Getz Rousso, P.C. for additional information about adoption...

Call: 516-500-9292  or  1-800-988-9089

The Law Office of Faith Getz Rousso, P.C. only practices law within New York State and any content that is posted on this website is purely for advertising purposes and should not be construed as legal advice or a creation of a client/attorney relationship.


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